Mobile Chiropractic Explained

Why Mobile Chiropratic Is Better: Having the chiropractor come to you can save you time and money.  Our team of Doctors delivers quality chiropractic relief throughout San Diego, 7 days a week. Another reason mobile chiropractic is better is because we can spend more time focusing on patient care. Being mobile means our doctors spend […]

Myofascial Release Explained

Starting with the basics Hello, my name is Dr. Goldeen and I have been using myofascial release to help people live their best life since 2011. Over the past ten years I have come to understand myofascial release as a treatment method that can help relax tight muscles and decrease pain. An easy way to […]

Top 3 Reasons Mobile Chiropractic is Better

Why Mobile Chiropractic is Better

According to US Census Bureau reports, Americans are seeking medical care less frequently as time goes on.*  Why is this happening? You don’t have time in your busy schedule Booking is a headache and seems to take forever You (justifiably) aren’t up for a drive across town in bumper-to-bumper traffic to figure out parking and deal […]

Chronic Back Pain

A possibility for a new future for those with chronic back pain.  Are you ready to stop having your chronic back pain limit you from living your best life? This attention consuming symptom can come from a number of different causes and often symptoms grow worse over time. While surgery and medications are available, it […]