Mobile Chiropractic Explained


Why Mobile Chiropratic Is Better:

Having the chiropractor come to you can save you time and money.  Our team of Doctors delivers quality chiropractic relief throughout San Diego, 7 days a week. Another reason mobile chiropractic is better is because we can spend more time focusing on patient care. Being mobile means our doctors spend more time treating and less time managing an office. In fact, by booking a mobile visit you get to see the doctor for about twice as long as compared to the national average.

Getting started: is our secure online booking system that allows you to book an appointment on your  phone, laptop, computer, or tablet. First time users to the Jane App booking system will need to create an account. 

There are two choices for creating your Jane App account.

  • One, you can sign in through your social media accounts like Facebook. 
  • Or two, you can create an account by entering your email address into the white box and then clicking next. 

After creating an account you can finish your online booking. If you have any questions you can always call us at (619) 323-5576 or email us at

How to prepare for a Mobile Chiropractic visit:

Our team of mobile chiropractors makes it easy to receive quality care at your home, work, hotel, or event. In Home Chiro does this by bringing all chiropractic tables and other treatment tools with us to your location. We can work outside or inside!

Here is a checklist that can help improve the mobile chiropractic experience 

  • Have a parking space available for the doctor. 
  • First time patients please fill out your Intake forms.  
  • Clear a minimum of a 4 foot wide by 7 foot long space.

What to Expect During Your Mobile Chiropractic Appointment:

When your In Home Chiro doctor arrives they will be wearing a medical grade mask and will offer to take off their shoes before coming into your home. After the doctor has introduced themself they will set up their chiropractic table in the location that the patient has made available. 

The initial visit will take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour depending on the level of complexity. This visit will consist of a:

  • Personal and family medical history
  • physical exam
  • Chiropractic assessment 
  • Diagnosis 
  • Management plan 
  • First treatment(20-25 minutes of time)

Full up visits include an undated assessment and evaluation and 20-25 minutes of treatment.

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