Chronic Back Pain


A possibility for a new future for those with chronic back pain. 

Are you ready to stop having your chronic back pain limit you from living your best life? This attention consuming symptom can come from a number of different causes and often symptoms grow worse over time. While surgery and medications are available, it is reasonable wanting to start with less risky options. If that is something you agree with then you might want to consider chiropractic care. This time tested method  is a drug free and none surgical option for treating chronic back pain. Chiropractors are licensed doctors that have the clinical training to diagnose and treat many forms of back pain. 

The reason back pain doesn’t go away. 

Back pain is very common, in fact, low back pain impacts 4 out of every 5 adults at some point in their life. Often, back pain starts after an auto accident, sports injury, or work related activity and causes pain for a few days to a few weeks. Another reason low back pain might occur is from  improper positioning of a person’s desk and/or chair. For many people their low back pain resolves after several weeks and they return to full health. 

In some cases back pain lingers from months to years and at this point it is considered chronic back pain. Disability due to chronic low back pain can have a self perpetuating effect.  Some causes of worsening back pain may result  from conditions such as degenerative disc disease, sciatica, spinal arthritis, or a radiculopathy.  All these previously listed causes of chronic back pain are often made worse with poor workstation ergonomics. 

Chiropractic care may be the key to unlock your spine.

Chronic back pain is often the result of the muscles and joints of the spine putting excess pressure on a nerve. In addition to agitating the nerve, the tight muscles and joints cause the low back, neck, hips, and shoulders to have a limited range of motion. When this occurs it can make the back pain worse. In Home Chiro has a team of skilled Chiropractic Doctors that are able to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment for your pain. Chiropractic treatments involve increasing the range of motion of the back, neck, hips, and shoulders. This is achieved through several therapies 

  • Chiropractic adjustments: This is a therapeutic technique that restores motion of the joints have.
  • Myofascial Release: This is a technique that stretches tight muscles and helps reduce pain and restore normal range of motion  
  • Therapeutic Exercise: These are movements designed to help strength the back and restore normal posture
  • Trigger Point therapy: This technique targets tight knots in the muscles and helps reduce tension felt in the low back, neck, hips, and shoulders.
  • Stretching: This technique is used to length muscles and help reduce low back and neck tension. we often treat the shoulder, neck, hips, and hamstrings. 
  • Ergonomics: When chronic back pain is the result of a chair or desk then that workstation needs to be altered. When this occurs the healing process begins.

In Home Chiro makes treating your back pain safe, convenient, and enjoyable.

In Home Chiro is the premier mobile chiropractic service that delivers care at your home, apartment, work, hotel, vacation, or event. Start your future without back pain today and book at today. 


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